E.g., 06/30/2020
E.g., 06/30/2020

Opening Keynote

Future Human Behavior in the Connected Society

Thimon de Jong
Director, WHETSTON / strategic foresight
Monday, 27 March | 09:00

Is your strategy future-proof? And, are you a future-proof leader? In a rapidly changing world, companies have to sync their strategy with future change and the dynamics of human behavior. In his talk, futurist Thimon de Jong will bring the outside world in and deep dive into three trends that will shape global business for years to come.

  • The You-Know-Me Society: What does it mean for the corporate language sector when we know everything about everybody? How can language companies use "people data" in their future strategies?
  • Digital Balance: Since the next wave of tech, such as internet of things, AI, augmented and virtual reality, wearables, robotics, automation, and more, has started, how can we expect people to respond? And, how do you strike a perfect digital balance in your own strategy?
  • Trust Transition: How can you enhance trust in the language industry, your company, and your people, now that we live in low-trust / post-truth times? And, how can you create a work culture that is high on trust?
Thimon Thimon de Jong runs WHETSTON / strategic foresight, a think tank specialized in future human behavior, societal change, and business strategy. He is an experienced keynote presenter and leadership trainer and has worked for clients like Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Adecco and IKEA. Thimon also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University in The Netherlands where he teaches master students how academic research can be practically applied to improve business strategy. He has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies with a minor in International Business Studies. He is a former insights and strategy director at TrendsActive, researcher at FreedomLab Future Studies, and editor-in-chief of RELOAD Magazine.