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MT: A Report from the Engine Room

Monday, 27 March, 2017 - 14:45

Divided into three sub-presentations, this Short Talk will provide a first-hand, 360-degree perspective on the use of machine translation (MT) in an LSP. Following a thorough introduction to aspects such as the technical platform, training of engines, corpora, etc., the audience will gain an insight into the lessons learned while implementing MT in TextMinded—from the very first steps taken in early 2014 by a pilot test team, to the full roll-out on all clients and to all in-house translators and all our vendors. Finally, the audience will see a live example of the quality of MT output.


Language Technology, Short Talk

Torben Dahl Jensen, Semantix

Torben Dahl Jensen graduated in 1997 from the University of Southern Denmark with an MA degree in modern languages and information technology. He then continued for six more years as a researcher there, specializing in translation and term base systems, lexicography, terminology and machine translation. Since 2005, he has worked as language technology manager and partner at TextMinded Danmark (formerly Oversætterhuset).

Steffen Karlsen, Semantix

Steffen F. Karlsen graduated in 1996 from Aarhus University with an MA in International Business Communication. After having worked for another LSP in the UK, he joined TextMinded in 1997 where he was made a partner in 1999. As Language Production Manager, Steffen’s main focus area is the optimization and streamlining of translation and reviewing processes.