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E.g., 04/01/2020

Mentoring Matters: A Career Development Workshop

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 14:00

Research shows that professional growth and satisfaction are easier to achieve with the guidance of an effective mentor. This workshop will demonstrate how mentoring works and what to expect from a mentor-mentee relationship with the goal of helping participants capitalize their career growth in a mindful, structured path for success. Moreover, we will look at the different careers paths in the localization industry, resumé tips, and growth and continuing education strategies to stay relevant in today’s competitive landscape.

Attendees will learn how to apply the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Option and Will), a well-known mentoring tool. We will also discuss best practices and do mentoring roleplays. In smaller groups, facilitators will discuss related topics and answer questions. To finalize, we will share our findings with the larger group.

Executive Leadership and Operations, KnowledgeFest

Helena Johansson, Netflix

Language Specialst in the Netflix Product Localization department, based in Amsterdam. 

María Jesús de Arriba Díaz, Vistatec

As a globalization expert with 20+ years of localization experience, I have been fortunate to hold multiple positions supporting the international growth of numerous global companies of all sizes and industries.

My localization journey started as a translator and interpreter, then heading up translation teams and championing quality; evolved into project management leading exceptional teams, and had the opportunity to work closely with outstanding talent in our industry as vendor manager. From there I quickly progressed to leading strategic operations and customer relationships as Language Services Manager, and Chief Operations Officer. I am currently Director of Strategic Accounts at Vistatec in Dublin.

Each and every one of these roles has allowed me to understand how individual functions contribute to and collaborate toward the overall success of global organizations, while experiencing first-hand the challenges they face.

I am also Development Director for Think Global Forum, and EMEIA GEO Manager with Women in Localization within the Chapters & Global Expansion Program. Both roles are testimony to my passion for all things global.

I am a native of Spain and have been living in Ireland for 20+ years. I speak Spanish, English and French, and love "communicating" in a bunch of other languages.