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E.g., 04/01/2020

Continuous Delivery – Global Content at Top Speed

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 14:00

Cloud and mobile platforms are driving unprecedented content consumption and increased customer expectations -- robust continuous delivery localization is now a requirement in many situations. Automation and technology are enablers for organizations to release "global content at top speed!" and they bring part of the solution, but lean, continuous delivery models need to work in harmony with all functions in the delivery chain. In many situations, a cultural and organizational shift is needed to make this happen. This KnowledgeFest session will frame the discussion around what organizations are currently doing with continuous delivery and where process, quality, change management, and business KPIs fit in.


Buyer/Client-side Issues, KnowledgeFest

Dave Ruane, LanguageWire

Dave is on a mission to inspire individuals and teams in the localization industry to share their expertise and innovations so that the collective knowledge evolves and increases and how we receive and use those nuggets of inspiration gets easier. He is a regular panel moderator and founder of the Process Innovation Challenge, a platform for sharing innovation in the localization industry.

As practice leader at LanguageWire (Xplanation) he is a business advisor to enterprise customers driving localization strategies, & solution deployment. Interests include; continuous localization & agile, global content effectiveness, AI and automation, process and business evolution, knowledge distribution, and servant leadership.