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Xillio BV


's-Gravelandseweg 178
Hilversum, 1217 GB

Telephone: +31356229545
Website: www.xillio.com

Organization Overview

Xillio, the leading content migration and content integration company in the world, provides technology and services to help organizations get the best value out of their content, regardless of where it is stored.

Content is everywhere, and there is lots of it. Yet most organizations fail to leverage the full value of content for their customers and employees. Xillio is determined to change that. Content is only valuable if it is consumed; by the right people in the right language at the right time. Xillio empowers our customers to free, fix and know their content. We make their content thrive in a lean, agile and multilingual content landscape.

Xillio is proud to partner up with some of the largest system integrators and specialized local implementation companies. Xillio is headquartered in Hilversum, Netherlands. Learn more information at www.xillio.com.

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Software, Tools or Technology Development, Localization

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Software as a Service Content Access and Unification API


Information Technology, Software

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Blog Posts

Is Translation Ready for the Digital Ecosystem?

At their annual IT expo last November, Gartner unequivocally told 7,000 CIOs to “never ever renew non-API-first software.” Fortunately, most top...

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The Future of Translation Is Automation

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Webinars and Videos

API-First Solutions Creating Change in the Translation Industry

We are rapidly heading toward an integrated digital ecosystem economy. As McKinsey experts state in their 2018 Digital McKinsey Insights: “A world of...

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Press Releases

Xillio Welcomes Allan Hall as Chief Commercial Officer

Amsterdam, September 1, 2020 - Xillio, a leading provider of content migration software and services, is delighted to announce that...

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