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Wordbee S.A.


195, rue de Differdange
Soleuvre, L-4437

Telephone: +35228771204
Website: www.wordbee.com

Organization Overview

Wordbee is the best choice for efficient and effective translation and localization project management in enterprises and language services providers. Manage complex translation projects with the unique TMS & CAT tool, the Wordbee Translator: project management, portal, business analytics, advanced reporting, invoicing and a user-friendly translation editor give full control of costs and privacy. Tasks such as deadline calculation, multiple phase kick-offs and cost management can all be automated in the TMS. Also, the Wordbee Beebox connects CMSs or any propriety database source with the TMS of the translation vendor or the internal translation team.

Read all the details about our products and how they can help you localize and translate your content in the dedicated Documentation pages.  

Products and Services

Globalization Management System, Glossaries / Dictionaries / Terminology, Other, Internationalization, Machine Translation, Multimedia Localization, Software Localization, Training Services



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Vendor of Language Products or Services

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Blog Posts

KPIs for the Translation Business: A Brief Intro

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential to track your business performance and monitor your progress toward your goals. But choosing the...

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The Essential Guide To Localizing Advertising Campaigns

It’s been said that advertising reflects our society, values, and needs. An advertising campaign, therefore, should comprise all...

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Webinars and Videos

How Games as a Service Affects Localization Processes

Today, more and more gaming companies are turning to various GaaS models to monetize their games, and this increasingly affects how content is...

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Standardization and Automation of Processes in Media Localization for Effective use of TMS in Audiovisual Localization Workflows

In over 10 years of working in audiovisual translation management we learned that a lack of understanding between media professionals, translators...

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How LSPs Can Prepare for GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25th 2018.  This has far reaching implications for any organization...

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Tools and Technology

Wordbee Beebox

The Beebox is a solution to easily have CMS or other content translated. It acts as a middleware between a content source and a translation...

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Wordbee is an affordable, full featured translation management system that will enable translation agencies, government institutions, global...

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Press Releases

Wordbee partners with Swisscom

Luxembourg, August 2020 Wordbee is pleased to announce their newly formed partnership with Swisscom, the leading provider of telecommunication in...

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