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E.g., 07/17/2019

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Organization Overview

What does VViN do?

VViN (formerly ATA) believes in generating an ongoing professionalisation of the translation sector in the Netherlands.  This way we can continuously improve the service provision of the affiliated agencies. Clients must be sure that they will receive high quality translations, and that rate and delivery terms are communicated clearly, as well as adhered to.

We support this professionalisation in a variety of ways. For example, every year we organise the TMT conference on developments and best practices in the translation sector. We also advocate certification, for example in line with the European standard for translation services NEN-EN 15038, which was set up with VViN's assistance.

Furthermore, all affiliated agencies must adhere to a code of conduct, so that clients and agencies know what they can expect of one another, aside from the translation related aspects.

VViN is the government's regular interlocutor for translation and interpreting issues. VViN thus played an important role in setting up the Law relating to sworn translators and interpreters. 

Working with a VViN translation agency

When you choose a translation agency which bears the VViN logo, you can rest assured that you are opting for quality and reliability.  And in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with a product, you can fall back on the VViN's dispute regulations.

VViN members set their own rates. Market forces are hereby an important factor, but also aspects such as the nature and purpose of the text (a manual is quite different to an advertising text), language pairs, text length and delivery time all play a role.  Many agencies charge per word, whereas others use an hourly rate, or both. In any case, in practice you will usually be able to make clear arrangements in terms of costs and delivery time.

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Association, Non-profit, Govt.