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University of Washington


University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195
United States

Telephone: 206-543-2100
Website: www.washington.edu/

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Program Highlight: Certificate in Localization: Customizing Software for the World 

The software business is a huge and growing segment of the global economy, as governments and industries throughout the world move to modernize and upgrade their IT systems. This growth has created demand for trained professionals who can help companies customize their products and services for success in foreign markets.

In this three-course certificate program, you’ll gain practical skills for customizing all kinds of software and technology offerings to serve specific markets. We’ll explore localization tools such as machine translation, terminology management and global content management systems. You’ll build on your existing skills with foreign languages as you gain a solid understanding of localization project management and engineering practices. 

Designed for: Professionals working in software localization and those who want to enter the field.

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University or Training Institute

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Localization Management
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Hybrid (Mixture of online and in-person)