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Translation Commons


8089 Pinnacle Peak Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
United States

Telephone: +1 (310) 405-4991
Website: translationcommons.org

Organization Overview

Translation Commons is a volunteer-based nonprofit public charity aiming to help our language community thrive. We encourage cross-functional collaboration among the diverse sectors and stakeholders within the language industry. Our mission is to offer access to open source tools and all other available resources, to facilitate community-driven projects, to empower linguists and to share educational and language assets.

Translation Commons, with the invaluable help of hundreds of language professional volunteers, has accomplished many goals:

  • Created an 80-page Mentoring Guidelines for T&I freelancers
  • Revived the famous eCoLo project, shareable resources and training courses on language technology, first created by a consortium of Universities
  • Has created a student portal and partners with Universities allowing students to contribute while learning and earning academic credits
  • Surveyed the attitude of interpreters towards technology and is currently opening discussions with valuable feedback to various tool providers
  • Revived the Linport project, with a new partnership between LTAC Global, Translation Commons and TAPICC. Linport is a collaborative project developing an open, vendor-independent format that can be used by many different translation tools to put translation materials into containers. It plans to draw from existing successful localization industry standards with multiple benefits for all stakeholders in the localization value chain.

To make our vision of a thriving language community come true, we need everyone’s support in so many ways:

Everybody will benefit from everything Translation Commons, its partners, and volunteers do. Please write to [email protected] with your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

Show everyone how much you care for our community!

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Association, Non-profit, Govt.