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One Tongue


Street 265, Villa 11, New Maadi
Cairo, Cairo 11742

Telephone: 888-726-4212
Website: www.one-tongue.com

Other Locations
  • 99 Gray's, London, Greater London, England
    Greater London, WC1X 8TY
    United Kingdom
  • 1396 Market Street
    San Francisco, California 94102
    United States
Organization Overview

One Tongue is a leading language service provider that promotes unity across different cultures through the acquisition of language skills and provision of translation services. We believe that language is the single greatest asset that brings people together, breaking down the barriers which create a cultural divide. We are devoted to providing our clients with an integrated approach through programs that explore cultural norms as well as language. 

Since our founding, we have assisted thousands of people in their journey to learn a new language. One Tongue has helped build a world that overcomes the limits of language and opens a window on different cultures and traditions. We are now based on six continents and have created a global network of associates, partners, and highly qualified linguists and trainers.

Products and Services

DTP, Consulting, Content Development, Glossaries / Dictionaries / Terminology, Interpreting, Localization, Machine Translation, Multimedia Localization, Subtitling and Captioning, Training Services, Translation, Voiceover and Dubbing



Source Languages

Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Urdu, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese, Dutch, Catalan

Target Languages

Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Ukrainian

Organization Type

Vendor of Language Products or Services