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E.g., 10/22/2019

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Organization Overview

MorphoLogic Localisation Ltd.


54 Logodi Utca
Budapest, 1012

Telephone: +36 1 225 3704
Website: www.morphologic-localisation.eu

Organization Overview

100% neural, 100% custom.

Globalese is a neural machine translation system which allows users to create high-quality custom engines. It provides significantly higher language quality compared to traditional MT solutions. Globalese Neural MT is easy to use, and can be integrated smoothly into almost any CAT tool. Globalese is available as a cloud-based system or local installation. For more details or a free trial please visit http://www.globalese.ai

Products and Services

Consulting, Localization, Machine Translation, Software, Software Localization, Translation, Tools or Technology Development

Source Languages

English, French, German, Hungarian

Target Languages

Bulgarian, Croatian, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Polish, German

Organization Type

Vendor of Language Products or Services

Blog Posts

Calling for Transparency: Automated Language Quality Metrics in the Translation Industry

The debate about translation is probably as old as writing itself – in many languages the competing translations of holy texts and major literary...

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Webinars and Videos

Deploying MT in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has opened the world of MT technology to languages and regions which had no chance in the area of Statistical MT,...

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The Rise of Big Data in the Localization Industry

With the advent of cloud-based, centralized linguistic and production assets in our industry, large sets of data will be available to shape decisions...

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GALA Podcast: Small to Mid-Size LSP Success Strategies

GALA discussed language company leadership topics with three CEOs of small to mid-size LSPs.  What are successful methods to identify new clients?...

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Tools and Technology


Globalese gives you all the power of neural machine translation technology: Super smooth output High performance Use your...

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