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E.g., 11/12/2019

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Microsoft Corporation


1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052-6399
United States

Other Locations
  • Tuborg Boulevard 12
    Hellerup, 2900

    Telephone: (454) 489-0100
  • Corporate Village - Bayreuth Building
    Leonardo Da Vincilaan 3 \N
    Zaventem, 1935

    Telephone: (322) 503-3113
  • 1065 La Avenida St
    Mountain View, California 94043
    United States

    Telephone: (650) 693-4000
  • 1290 Avenue of the Americas
    Sixth Floor \N
    New York, New York 10104
    United States

    Telephone: (212) 245-2100
  • Block B, Atrium Building, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Carmanhall Rd
    Dublin, Dublin 18
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Client (non-LSP)

Webinars and Videos

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Globalization: Capturing 'Lightning in a Bottle'

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Localization as a Leader

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