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E.g., 06/26/2019

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memoQ Translation Technologies


Mester utca 12.
Budapest, 1095

Telephone: +36 1 808 8313
Website: memoq.com/

Other Locations
  • In der Rosenburg, Rosenburgweg 49.
    Bonn, 53115
Organization Overview

memoQ is a technology provider that has been delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. For almost 15 years, memoQ has been dedicated to delivering innovation through diverse developments that today help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies and enterprises worldwide.

Having simplicity and more effective translation processes in mind, memoQ combines ease of use, collaboration, interoperability, and leveraging in one single tool. Discover a new world with memoQ, and let our team help optimize your translation processes and make your business more successful.

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Consulting, Globalization Management System, Tools or Technology Development, Software

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Vendor of Language Products or Services

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Advanced Topics in memoQ

István Lengyel of Kilgray Translation Technologies offers this training session on memoQ. This webinar covers working with content connectors to...

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Easy and Effective Translation Management with memoQ 5.0

István Lengyel, Kilgray Translation Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer, presents Kilgray’s newest development, memoQ 5.0. Attend this advanced...

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Easy Translation Management with memoQ 4.0

Join Istvan Lengyel, Chief Operating Officer at Kilgray Translation Technologies for a demonstration of Kilgray’s newest development, memoQ 4....

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Press Releases

Kilgray Translation Technologies changes name to memoQ Translation Technologies

On the eve of its 14th anniversary, Kilgray Translation Technologies changed its name to memoQ Translation Technologies. Translation technology...

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