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E.g., 06/25/2019

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Rue Jacques Jordaens 18B
Brussels, B-1000

Website: www.lt-innovate.org/

Organization Overview

LT-Innovate is the Language Technology Industry Association. Language Technologies are pervasive and, by nature, key enabling technologies in a multilingual world. LT-Innovate's objectives are:

  • to strengthen the Language Technology Industry for increased competitiveness in the global markets;
  • to promote language technologies as drivers of economic success, societal well-being and cultural integrity;
  • to encourage collaboration within the Industry and with other stakeholders of the Language Technology value-chains;
  • to articulate the Industry's collective interests vis-à-vis buyers, researchers, investors and policy makers.

 Membership benefits include:

  • International showcase for LT products and solutions;
  • Collective action through member-driven Interest Groups, Programmes and Events;
  • State-of-the art online information sharing and collaboration platform;
  • Strong vehicle for industry representation.

Organization Type

Association, Non-profit, Govt.