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E.g., 09/29/2020

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Logrus Global LLC


2600 Philmont Avenue, ste 305
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 19006
United States

Telephone: +1 (267) 237-6505
Website: www.logrusglobal.com

Organization Overview

Logrus is offering a full set of multilingual localization and translation services for various industries, including top-notch software engineering and testing and DTP for all languages, including BiDi and double-byte ones. The company is proud of its unique problem-solving skills and minimal support requirements.

The company offers all European and Asian as well as many rare languages through its offices and established, long-term partners. With its production sites in Moscow, Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine, Logrus provides a winning combination of quality, experience and affordability.

Since its foundation in 1993 the company has received multiple awards for excellence in various areas of localization.

Our long-time customers include top international companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, PTC, Samsung, Kaspersky and many others.

Logrus is a member of such industry associations as GALA, TAUS, LT-Innovate, W3C.

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Vendor of Language Products or Services

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