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E.g., 09/24/2020

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Easyling.com | Skawa Innovation Ltd.


Gálya utca 6.
Budapest, H-1093

Telephone: 12345678
Website: www.easyling.com

Other Locations
  • Október 6. utca 19.
    Budapest, H-1051

    Telephone: +(36) 12345678
Organization Overview

Easyling is a fully fledged Translation Proxy based, CMS independent website translation tool that makes the whole website translation process hassle-free and easy for translators. Easyling’s features include automated word counts, content extraction, an in-context translation interface with instant visual feedback and automatic change detection. Easyling is also available as a white label solution for LSPs.

In 2016, Easyling added JavaScript-based translation as an option for cases when the ongoing costs of Translation Proxy or the involvement of a 3rd party in foreign traffic raises issues for the website owner. 

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