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360 E 72nd St.
Suite #C3104
New York City, New York 10021
United States

Website: www.dotsub.com

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Dotsub is the world's leading solution for creating, translating, and rendering multiple language subtitles for videos across all platforms.

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Vendor of Language Products or Services

Webinars and Videos

Too Much of a Good Thing

Have you ever had a brain freeze from ice cream? Well, that is one example of too much of a good thing. We have all been told that the future of the...

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What Happens to the People When the Machines Take Over?

In June of 2018 we released a new version of our Video Translation Management System. The new system contains a lot of machine assistance, from...

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The Art of Video Translation

Some people liken translating a video to translating a book that moves and talks. After participating in this webinar, you will have a different...

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