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Organization Profile

Organization Overview

Brigham Young University


3086 JFSB
Provo, Utah 84602
United States

Telephone: 801-422-1201
Website: cls.byu.edu/

Organization Overview

The Center for Language Studies resides in the Brigham Young University College of Humanities and is directed by Dr. Ray T. Clifford. 

Brigham Young University can offer instruction in over 80 languages. More languages will be added as student interest grows and qualified teachers are found.

The Language Certificate Program provides two forms of foreign language recognition:

  • An official notation of your second language proficiency ("Advanced," "Mastery," or "Professional") printed on your BYU TRANSCRIPT (Placed directly below your degree listing.)
  • BYU Language Certificate endorsing your completion of advanced coursework, and your ratings for the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) assessments for speaking and writing.

Both of these will make a meaningful addition to your resume as you begin your career and/or apply for graduate studies. Even if your foreign language skills aren't necessarily a part of your career plan, they will set you apart in any field.


The Language Certificate program is available to all matriculated BYU students who are pursuing any BYU undergraduate degree.

Target Languages

Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Filipino

Organization Type

University or Training Institute

Internship Placement Program 
Degree and/or Certificate Offered 
Education/Training Program Setting 
On Campus / In-Person

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