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E.g., 08/23/2019

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Across Systems GmbH


Im Stoeckmaedle 13
Karlsbad, 76307

Telephone: +49 (7248) 925 425
Website: www.across.net

Organization Overview

With its smart software solutions, Across Systems assists enterprises and translators worldwide in successfully processing their translation projects. Customers from diverse industries use the Across Language Server and the Across Translator Edition to tackle their daily localization challenges.

The use of the Across translation management system enables the implementation of transparent translation processes with a high degree of automation and maximum information security. All who are involved in the project can be integrated in the overall process and work on the basis of the same data.

This saves time for what matters – the creation of high-quality content in multiple languages.


Products and Services

Globalization Management System, Tools or Technology Development


Automotive, Banking/Finance, Construction/Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Medical/Pharma/Healthcare, Software, Marketing/Communications, Information Technology

Organization Type

Vendor of Language Products or Services

Tools and Technology

Across Subcontractor Edition

When your customers request translations, they do not only expect professional quality in as short a time as possible, but often also determine the...

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Press Releases

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Christine Wetzl Named New Head of Sales of Across Systems

Karlsbad. On July 1, 2019, Christine Wetzl was appointed Head of Sales of Across Systems GmbH. Henceforth, she will focus on the new customer...

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