E.g., 04/10/2020
E.g., 04/10/2020

Candidate: Sharon Tabraham

Sharon Tabraham
ST Communications
CEO / Director


Candidate Background

Born in Zimbabwe and having spent most of her adult life in South Africa, Sharon appreciates the diversity of African culture and its many languages. She started ST Communications in 2008 with a strong background in sales and marketing and a passion for the translation and localisation industry. It gives her great pride to have been a part of some the largest localisation projects in Africa, bringing IT, social media, mobile phones, medical devices and more to the African continent in so many African languages!

Personal Statement

I would love to be a GALA representative for Southern Africa and to encourage more agencies based in Africa to join GALA and be a part of this association which I believe adds so much value and credibility to an agency.

I enjoy the GALA conferences the most and have met so many valuable contacts, clients and colleagues that have made my journey in the translation industry both successful and enjoyable. I regularly take part in GALA connect in the Community Groups and have attended Webinars that are of interest to me. I look forward to receiving regular news and updates on the industry and fellow GALA members which keep me current with what is going on in the world of translation and localisation.

As mentioned above, I think Africa needs to be more involved in GALA and vice versa. I would also love the experience of being a GALA Director and enjoying the benefits of the position - improving my own skills, leadership and networking with other leaders in the industry.

Thank you.