E.g., 04/02/2020
E.g., 04/02/2020

Candidate: Pedro Gomez

Pedro Gomez

Microsoft Corporation
Principal Program Manager

Candidate Background

Dear GALA member,

My name is Pedro Gomez and I would be honored to serve on the board of your organization for a second term.

I have over twenty years of experience in the globalization and localization industry. I was part of the first wave of multilingual project management and supplier consolidation with Lionbridge. In 2006, I joined Microsoft, where I have led different localization and feature teams within Office and Windows. My positions with both clients and suppliers give me a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities of this space.

I have an extensive background in management, product development, and cross-cultural communication. I love putting technology at the service of business and serving customers at scale. I thrive in multicultural environments and possess effective leadership and communication skills. I hold a BA in natural languages, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and am completing Web Design certificate. Finally, people consider me hard-working, intellectually curious, and fun to have around.

Personal Statement

I have decided to submit my candidacy for a second term on the board for three sets of reasons: organizational, professional, and personal.

Organizationally, I want to share the best practices that Microsoft has developed to ship a vast array of world-ready products while I learn from others. Through the lens of my experience, I want to act as a conduit between the supply and the demand side.

Professionally, I see lots of opportunity for cross-market communication where GALA can help shape the future, including:

  • Machine translation: there is no discussion that this technology is here to stay. We have to make it better for the users, both in terms of accuracy, domains and language pairs, and ease of use for individual translators.
  • Internet of things and conversation: as connected devices become pervasive and people interact with them using natural language, the localization industry will need to produce a new host of services.
  • The next billion users: traditionally, translation has trailed commercial exploitation. This has resulted in an abundance of offerings in developed locales. As new users come online, our industry has an opportunity to create new experiences that speak to them natively.
  • Global diversity: the rise of China and other nations as new global powers in the 21st century will impact commercial flows and supporting language needs.

Finally, on a personal level, I want to continue learn new things and meet new people. Through its events, publications, and community GALA is in a great position to help the industry realize these opportunities. I would be honored to represent you on the board for a second term.

Thank you very much for your consideration!