E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

Candidate: Patrick Nunes

Patrick Nunes
Rotary International
Director, Global Communications & Design

Candidate Background

As somebody who has been actively involved in localization for over 20 years, I am passionate about the strength of our industry and also the constant need for us to keep evolving and re-inventing how we do things.

From owning an LSP back in Brazil to leading many strategic global content and brand positioning initiatives at my current role, I believe that the best results are accomplished when we can truly engage, inspire and activate those around us.

A few things about me:

  • I am an inclusionist: I believe everybody has something positive to offer, no matter where you sit at the table.
  • I am a visionary: I believe that if you have your heart in the right place and the true desire to create positive impact, every vision can become reality.
  • I am curious: I believe the status quo is there to be challenged and serve as guidance for change and growth.

My education is in business administration and international relations. Before moving to the United States, I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in India, Norway and South Africa. My passions and experiences include member and volunteer engagement, shaping global communications, corporate governance, global brand strategy, leadership and public speaking.

Personal Statement

My daily personal and professional experience with a global membership organization such as Rotary, with 1.2 million members in every corner of the world, has given me the skills to truly understand what it takes to drive, engage and grow an association like GALA, and I would love to apply those skills serving as a board member.

I believe GALA is a very unique platform for the true development of ideas that go beyond the 'cookie-cutter' approach of localization. I also know that, just like every organizational structure, there is always room for growth and evolving, and I would be honored to help drive what it takes to get our association to the next level.

As much as GALA represents this great platform for sharing knowledge and bringing great minds together, our industry hasn't been able to gain true visibility outside of our own 'bubble', and I believe the board of directors has a key role to play in achieving the ambitions of the association.

Being an inclusionist, I can't fail to notice that the tendency in associations in the localization field tend to be dominated by LSP's and their suppliers, so as a board member from the client side, I can provide an important and under-served voice in the GALA membership. The ultimate goal is to strengthen a united front that goes beyond what aspect of the industry you represent, from localization to global content marketing, from interpretation to technology solutions, we are only as strong as the sum of our parts.

Currently serving for the second year in the GALA conference Program Committee has reinforced my commitment to advocacy, high standards and training, some of the best attributes our association has to offer.

It would be an honor for me to be able to apply my global leadership skills, experience with a global base of volunteer engagement and passion for what we can achieve together, serving as member of the GALA board of directors.

Thank you!