E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

Candidate: Oleksandr Bondarenko

Oleksandr Bondarenko
Translatel Ltd
CEO at Translatel Ltd & Associate Professor at Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University


Candidate Background

Dr. Oleksandr Bondarenko is a CEO of Translatel Ltd, PhD, associate professor, EST member, contributes regularly to academic publications in translation. Oleksandr has been involved in the translation business and training translators for more than 20 years. Since 2016, he supervises "Machine translation and information technologies in translation" department at Ukrainian Translator Trainers' Union.

As an initiator of "CAT for Grad" project he actively collaborates with 17 Ukrainian universities. Oleksandr has a keen interest in the evolution of the translation industry, co-authors "TranslAcademy" – free international CPD platform for translators and their teachers.

His network and hands-on experience provide him with an overview of both practical implementations of academic insights and the impact of the industry on training translators.

Personal Statement

Translation has been an integral component of my life. For over 20 years I have dealt with the challenges of translation industry and my experience has allowed me to excel and partake in professional life. My advances in the career have been made through intensive scientific and "field" activity. Because of my dedication and passion for translation 17 universities in my country were provided the opportunity to have access to new translation technologies. We managed to suggest the roadmap for implementing translation technologies in the curricula of Ukrainian institutions including trainers' training and international assessment of students' achievements. During a 3-year period of developing professional skills and gaining hands-on experiences more than 1500 graduates in Ukraine expanded their identity as translators or interpreters and reshaped their professional worldview.

I have remained faithful to the science, true to objective facts and conducted several national and international surveys on employer-employee, industry-academia interrelations that have been shared within GALA community in University-Industry Partnerships GALA Connect Group. In reaffirming the importance of GALA in our industry we understand that it is never a given but an earned issue. I'm passionate about industry-academia synergy since this capacity remains undiminished. Inspiring 2018 Rising Star Selection Committee contribution reestablished my desire to get the best of both worlds. The challenges facing translation industry may be new. But the values upon which the results depend are old but true. Tolerance and curiosity, courage and fair play – those are my reasons to serve the association as a member of the Board, to devote my efforts and use my passion to ensure translation industry success.