E.g., 04/10/2020
E.g., 04/10/2020

Candidate: Mohamed Karim Badr

Mohamed Karim Badr
Future Trans Ltd
Managing Director


Candidate Background

Dear Respected Voters,

My Name is Mohamed Karim, probably we have met before in one of the GALA gatherings I have attended since Monaco 2012. I have completed my Bachelor's in Political Science and Management from Cairo University. I started my first job right after at Future Group as a Sales Executive, then moved to be a Project Manager in 2005 which ended in 2011 when I switched to Business Development and Account Management; currently I am the Managing Director at Future Trans looking after the Sales and operations. I completed my MBA this year which gave me a boost in my Managerial skills and abilities to read situations, analyze and take better decisions.

2 years ago I was selected to be part of the Executive Board of Future Group which gave me the necessary experience to attend and participate in strategic discussion and decisions. I believe I have learnt how Boards operate and this is another reason why I believe I can serve well in this position.

Personal Statement

I will contribute to GALA through utilizing my knowledge of the industry and my professional experience to preach the mission of GALA especially in the country and region where there is a massive need for more connection, knowledge sharing, standardization, and moving towards the rapidly changing technology. Attending 6 GALA's and participating in local activities held by Egypt's Chapter gives me a broad understanding of the greater objectives of the organization; my work and close interaction with all stakeholders and market drivers gives me the ability to give a valid opinion and contribute with an added value to the growth of our industry and the association.

I was inspired by the contribution of two fine ladies from my country, Manal and Wafaa, in the board activities for more than 2 terms, and I believe that I am willing to continue offering fresh ideas and sincere efforts to continue what they built.

I believe that my background and different perspective and blended experience will bring a different energy to the board.

I am interested in multiple programs, but mostly the annual conference, Global talent and local networking events - these are the programs that I believe I can add value to by participating, organizing, and coordinating; this directly contributes to connecting people and sharing knowledge among industry folks.

I have the passion, the vision and the knowledge to serve as a member of the board. I will learn a lot from mixing and blending with other members. I believe that the topics, discussions, objectives and challenges I shall meet on this journey is essential to enhance my capabilities and decorate my career.