E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

Candidate: Latha Sukumar

Latha Sukumar
MCIS Language Solutions
Executive Director and Lawyer


Candidate Background

Lawyer and social entrepreneur whose crowning moment was winning a National Award from the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund in 2010, for being one of 15 lawyers in Canada who has advanced the equality rights of women. Finalist (1 of 3 in my category) shortlisted for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award, 2018. https://www.womenofinfluence.ca/2018/09/19/announcing-the-2018-rbc-canad...

Have led the transformation of MCIS Language Solutions (MCIS) into a social enterprise that engages local talent to provide a full suite of language services, globally, engaging 6000 professionals representing 300 languages and ASL. MCIS is well-established as a pan Canadian agency providing B to B services to over 800 customers in the broader public sector providing 50 different language services including all modes of Interpretation and Translation. In addition, MCIS is the leading trainer of Interpreters and Translators, both in-person and through online platforms.

In a rapidly evolving global environment where people are communicating across languages and cultures on digital platforms, we see the potential for Canada to be the multilingual hub for the world. By building the capacity of our population to be well versed in providing language services, we believe MCIS is contributing to nation building in a small way.

Personal Statement

I believe in GALA's vision and mission. I would like to proliferate its presence all across Canada. It's a catalyst for collaboration at a time when this is much needed based on the maxim that we each prosper when everyone prospers. I can also contribute by bringing in the non-profit social enterprise perspective where the three prongs of fiscal growth, social purpose and providing sustainable services all go together. I learn a lot from the annual conference and monthly webinars. I like the collaborative initiatives around technology, Translation APIs (TAPPIC) and around remote interpreting as well (still in its nascent stage).

I have reached a stage in my career when I feel I can contribute from my learnings. However, one never stops learning and being on the Board presents many opportunities to learn and grow.