E.g., 04/10/2020
E.g., 04/10/2020

Candidate: Katia Bélanger

Katia Bélanger
Senior Language Manager


Candidate Background

Katia has been working in the translation industry in Canada for almost 30 years. Her career began as a reviewer in a translation agency while studying French at university. She went on to earn a Master's degree in translation while continuing to work as a translator/editor. Following graduation, she started her own translation small business specializing in the pharmaceutical and travel industries, acquiring experience in translation, transcreation, localization, project management, customer relationships and business management.

After two successful decades working closely with a number of Fortune 500 companies, Katia joined Baxter Corporation as Language Lead, then Intuit, as Language Manager for Canada. Her passion for language quality is equal to none. Katia has made it her mission to ensure that modern demands for speed take into account the fundamentals of translation: clear and effective communications. At Intuit, she is leading the quality strategy initiative for multilingual offerings as the company goes global, using the most effective technologies to reach customers in their language. She is also a certified Intuit Innovation Catalyst, providing coaching to employees and partners on how to deliver customer-driven solutions.

Personal Statement

As communications become increasingly fast and the use of machine translation is on the rise, I strongly believe in the importance of bringing the industry together to maintain and promote language standards. It is important to have reliable and objective sources of information such as GALA to guide the world in its use of machines for human communications. In the developing world of AI, GALA's mission of championing standards is especially important. I bring to GALA years of industry experience, deep knowledge of the business, and many contacts in different fields. Over the years, I have been the service provider, the vendor and the buyer. I have worked with individual translators, translation companies and private corporations. This puts me in the unique position of understanding different needs and having the capacity to embrace different approaches. As leader of the global language quality initiative within the Globalization team at Intuit, I am well aware of the internationalization, localization and translation challenges smaller companies face as they go global. In the tech industry, too many companies are willing or pushed to jump into technologies they don't know or understand. They need organizations like GALA for resources. Because of my career path, I would be an excellent ambassador to raise awareness and promote collaboration with an organization such as GALA.

Being from Canada, I offer the very valuable perspective of multiculturalism. Our country has entrenched bilingualism in its Constitution, which means Canadians expect communications of equal quality in the two official languages. We also have many different linguistic groups throughout the country, so localization and translation have to be particularly accurate, refined and culturally sensitive to ensure optimal comprehension in languages that are foreign to many citizens.

Lastly, I am a certified Innovation Catalyst at Intuit. In other words, I champion change, collaboration and innovation. It requires coaching, public speaking and organizational skills. At Intuit, we use a methodology to promote customer-driven solutions. I would bring to GALA the excellent training I have received, and I would love to coach interested peers to help them promote GALA's vision and fulfill its mission. I am at a point in my career where I want to share my knowledge and use my skills and passion for languages differently. A position on the Board would be an amazing opportunity to use my expertise and learn from other members'.