E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

Candidate: Jim Compton

Jim Compton
RWS Moravia
Technology Partnerships Manager


Candidate Background

I've worn various hats in the localization industry since the early-to-mid 1990s. My educational background is in journalism, but I gravitated toward what was at the time called "localization engineering" and process automation. I'm currently part of a team building a Technology Partnerships practice for RWS Moravia.

Nowadays I'm interested in the application of technology toward all sorts of problem solving in the globalization space. I tend to challenge assumptions and traditions, something that's born out of a genuine love for the industry and a belief in the importance of our prime directive: to convert world language diversity from a barrier to an asset, and to facilitate that everyone in the world can contribute to and benefit from world progress, regardless of where they were born or what language they operate in.

Personal Statement

How will you contribute to GALA?

I will continue to actively support programs that "float the boats" of our industry as a whole, like TAPICC, which address inefficiencies in the overall system and are best solvable in a structured forum like GALA -- where folks put aside their competitive differences for the sake of the common good. My service can take multiple forms, including: participating in live and online events, authoring and curating content, leveraging professional relationships, creating new connections, and advocating for GALA interests.

What GALA programs are you passionate about?

I was introduced to GALA by way of TAPICC, so I'm partial to that project. I've since become convinced of the importance of industry-relevant standards in general. During the GALA event in Boston in 2018 I became aware of GALA's academic outreach program -- creating connections for the next generation of language-industry professionals. This is an area that's very interesting to me, and one that I'd like to actively support.

Why are you interested in serving the association as a member of the Board?

As a representative of RWS Moravia, my professional self-interest is entirely aligned with GALA's mission: we want to see a healthy and engaged language-industry ecosystem. Participating on the Board would enable me to be closer to the action, and would presumably enable me to support GALA even more. Plus, I think we work well together already.