E.g., 04/02/2020
E.g., 04/02/2020

Candidate: Jan Grodecki

Jan Grodecki
RWS Moravia
Solutions Architect


Candidate Background

I have experienced localization from different angles, as a client (Microsoft localization engineer and project manager), as educator, and currently from the localization supplier side.

My goal is to drive localization efficiency and provide the best quality to our clients.

I am passionate for innovations and providing experience to the localization community.

Summary of my experience:

• Managed localization projects from medium to large size

• Leader of project teams with multiple vendors, engineers, test engineers and contractors

• Technical expert in all areas of localization engineering

• Passion for agile projects with challenge of frequent changes requiring rapid adjustments

• Training and Education

Personal Statement

How will you contribute to GALA?

20 years of experience in all areas of internationalization, profound technical know-how, and insight into the localization industry and academics, I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the further success of GALA. I see the association as the primary representative and influencer in all areas of globalization and localization.

Concretely, I would contribute to GALA activities by recruiting industry influencers and reputable contributors for presentations, webinars and other contributions to GALA. I would take leadership, especially in areas related to education and localization technologies.

Actively extending the membership base with educational institutions and increasing the influence of GALA and the localization industry on curriculum and academic programs is key to a growing and qualified talent base.

What GALA programs are you passionate about?

1. Education and Training Programs

My primary interest lies in the area of academic relations and contribution to educational programs. Having been active in this area for many years I would love to help strengthen and support the influence of GALA and broaden the connections to academic institutions worldwide.

2. MT, MT Quality & PE

As a Solutions Architect, a main focus area of my work are new technologies like MT, MT quality evaluation, and other MT-related topics. With a broad network and access to experts and researchers I would like to support GALA in this important [find better word for important] area.

Why are you interested in serving the association as a member of the Board?

As a professor and advisory board member of the University of Washington Professional Continuous Education in Localization I recognize the significance of guidance and input from industry and educational leaders. A personal focus will include develop and foster the bridge between industry and education.