E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

Candidate: George Zhao

George Zhao


Candidate Background

George Zhao is CEO of VideoLocalize.com, a video localization management system and President of Boffin Language Group Inc., an Asian language service provider.

He has 20+ years’ experience in the language industry. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, George is interested in innovation ideas which changes the fast-moving language industry.  He is now leading the development of VideoLocalize.com, an innovative video translation management system which won 2016 and 2017 TAUS Game Changer Innovation Awards and 2017 LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge.

Always active in the industry, he was elected to the 2017-2018 GALA board of directors.

Prior to Boffin, George co-founded JJPCB(SHE:2185), a PCB manufacturing company. And before that, George worked as a telecommunication engineer and software developer in CAST (Chinese version of NASA).

Personal Statement

In the past 2 years as a member of the GALA Board, I have had the privilege to meet and work with passionate and experienced professionals in the language industry.  I've also learned much about GALA and the value of participating in the GALA Board.  Being involved in devising the strategic framework process was especially insightful and I fully support the Board's efforts to grow GALA's membership.

I was happy to be able to connect GALA with industry associations in China.  Having started my own language business Boffin 22 years ago in China, I have seen the growth and potential of the market in Asia. If re-elected, I hope to be able to continue to help GALA expand into the Asia market. Asia is the biggest maturing market for the translation industry, and I would actively support any efforts to increase the global status and recognition of our profession in this geographical region.

As a member of the GALA board, I would continue to champion innovation. The unstoppable demand for multilingual digital content and videos, TMS connectivity as well as technologies such as neural machine translation and AI are important trends in the translation industry. I believe strongly that a key role of an association is to actively promote innovative business models, technologies, and best practices, and would like to continue to serve in this capacity.

Finally, if given the opportunity to be re-elected, I will invest even more time and energy to help GALA and its members grow and succeed. Thank you!