E.g., 04/08/2020
E.g., 04/08/2020

Candidate: Edith Bendermacher

Edith Bendermacher
Sr Manager, Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations


Candidate Background

Edith Bendermacher is a native of Poland, grew up in Germany, and ended up in California 18 years ago. Today, Edith is Head of Localization and Globalization Strategy at NetApp, based in Sunnyvale, California.

Her team oversees localization at NetApp in 15 languages under a Center of Excellence, and they are responsible for the strategic planning for globalization across all departments, as well as the delivery, uptake and return of the globalization investments.

Edith is a regular and sought out speaker on globalization in panels and globalization industry events such as Localization Institute Seminars, NCTA, TAUS, Women in Localization. Edith is also a member of the Women in Technology Group at NetApp.

In her spare time, Edith and her family love to travel around the world. She is also an avid photographer, looking for meaningful fragments through the lens of her camera, most recently focusing on the newest member of her family, Boba, the blue Boston Terrier.

Personal Statement

How will you contribute to GALA?

My vast view of enterprise globalization will help GALA and its global members to look beyond what we see today. I like to push the agenda of globalization forward to faster, simpler, more far-reaching. As a Board Member, I can bring in the newest thinking on globalization strategy from the corporate side. Today, many companies are struggling to create globalization programs. I can help guide programs to get our members there. My team has experience from corporate strategy to the lowest details of a technical implementation. That will be my contribution. I bring in the full end of the spectrum. Besides that, I am a Member of the GILT, a Silicon Valley based working group that studies, compares and pushes the envelope forward. And last and not least, I am a member of the Women in Localization Marketing Committee.

These 3 inputs allow me to have a vast perspective, that not many can bring in as far as innovation, globalization, corporate change management, team building, and innovation.

What GALA programs are you passionate about?

I particularly enjoy the GALA webinars program, your call for proposals, the GALA conferences and your career center. All are programs that present GALA as a top leader in the globalization space. It takes all these areas to advance our industry. The webinars provide insightful views into a variety of topics and helps our team members to learn and benchmark what is happening in the industry. The conferences are a great way to keep informed on broad scale topics and to keep in touch with other globalization professionals. I am also part of the GALA Client SIG group, which I have been participating in since its creation in 2016, that gave me great insight as to how a more intimate group allows for in-depth conversations around certain topics. The advantage is that hot or new topics can be discussed amongst other professionals within short timelines. Keep pushing the envelope and presenting these programs!

Why are you interested in serving the association as a member of the Board?

There are a variety of reasons why I would like to be a member. Primarily, I want to learn how a Board work, and would like stretch my current network. Secondly, I really want to learn more for my team. I will be an active participant and am open to give perspectives on many globalization related topics. My goal is to be part of a strong Board of Directors, and I appreciate the fact that GALA opened up the Board to allow new leaders to shape its agenda and direction. Being part of this excites me.