E.g., 04/02/2020
E.g., 04/02/2020

Candidate: David Sommer

  David Sommer
Director of Strategic Operations


Candidate Background

David Sommer is the Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators and has been involved in localization for nearly a decade and a half holding multiple roles since joining first as a Localization Project Manager. David participates in almost all of Net-Translators operational aspects, but mostly enjoys the business development side, as this offers the widest exposure to the future of the industry.

David has an eclectic professional background which includes being a qualified electrician, attending Cornell and SUNY, and working in the Israel Standards Institution as well as in communications services.

An ardent baseball fan, David has a decade of experience as a volunteer youth coach in Israel and has traveled to the far-flung corners of Europe coaching in youth tournaments. A long-suffering Mets fan, David is often heard saying "just wait 'till next year".

David, originally hailing from New York, lives in the beach side town of Netanya with his wife, five children and Lilly the dog.

Personal Statement

How will you contribute to GALA?

Having been in the industry for 15 years, I have been witness to the rapidly changing nature of the localization business, and have observed GALA's prominence as the premier trade organization for the localization industry. Together with that, I have also observed how the localization industry has developed in smaller markets outside of the silicon valleys and medical alleys. Smaller markets, and I have observed this in the Israeli local market, which consists of a small group of hyper mature localization consumers, and the majority of consumers with less exposure to technologies and methodologies. I see as my goal a mission to make a bigger impact in smaller markets by encouraging consumer side involvement in GALA.

What GALA programs are you passionate about?

I, as well as Net-Translators have recently become very excited about GALA net-working events and would like to see more local involvement in the Industry.

My interest in serving on the GALA board is twofold:

1. Personal, insofar as since I have begun in the industry I have been interested in pursuing the professional aspects and interacting with my colleagues worldwide and to become a local advocate for the industry.

2. Professional, GALA is today the premier industry trade organization, and represents an enormous opportunity to connect industry participants with one another in a collegial environment.