E.g., 03/30/2020
E.g., 03/30/2020

Candidate: David Bishop

David Bishop
SDL plc
Vice President, Strategic Business Development


Candidate Background

I've been working in the language industry for more than 15 years, first managing large interpretation and translation efforts for the US government, then as an LSP providing language services. Now I currently provide language technology applications and solutions to many US government organizations. I've been very successful in understanding what drives government organizations in their quest for high quality language services, and then tailoring solutions that satisfy those requirements. I am dedicated to helping my customers optimize their language environment with both technology and innovative solutions.

My primary interests lie in the convergence of technology beyond just language and translation. For three years I've been focusing on the integration of speech and image with machine translation and finding a platform to bring them all together in a unified, coherent and integrated platform that is both source agnostic and language independent. The individual technologies of speech to text, text to text and text to speech have matured. Convergence on platforms usable by governments and institutions that bear heavy security requirements, will always be the challenge and one I want to push forward as far as it will go.

Personal Statement

Contributions to Gala: Language has been and always will be fundamental to culture and communications. I am passionate about creating better communication between people, between organizations and between nations. If we could all communicate better globally, I am convinced many of the stifling and intractable issues facing us could be mitigated or alleviated. Individual contributions are a funny thing: we all have great ideas on how to make an organization better, but rarely get the chance to do so. Things like better communication channels, better use of social media, better content or better speaks/presenters, better organization of conferences or events. Every event, every process, every deliverable or project can be done better. Always! I will contribute my passion, my experience and my drive to ensure that GALA reaches its potential as The driving force for standardization, outreach, communication and advocacy in the globalization and localization market space.

Programs and Passion: There are actually two programs that I believe have the greatest impact and significance for GALA members: the Webinars series and the production and dissemination of White Papers. Probably not what most GALA members would say. Conferences are great, they take a significant amount of work to pull off. However, in terms of truly advancing the state of the industry, sharing knowledge and bringing expertise to virtually anyone, the webinar and white papers are and can be transformative for the industry. Bringing topical and relevant experts to the forefront, giving them a voice and letting them share their knowledge, their expertise and their passion resonates globally with practitioners looking for every edge to make their efforts successful. Being able to listen to and identify with speakers who are making an impact in their local, regional or national stage is critical in the evolution of one's own professional development. In addition, reading scholarly papers on complex and difficult problems leads to other breakthroughs, other advancements, which can and should also be shared.

Interest in Serving on the Board: I have been very successful in my career and I want to give back something to the language services industry I've devoted so many years to. I can think of no better way than to join the Board like GALA's and offer everything I can to help it remain the preeminent globalization and localization organization into the future.