E.g., 03/30/2020
E.g., 03/30/2020

Candidate: Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant


Candidate Background

Dave is an accomplished high-tech entrepreneur with worldwide business experience in sales & marketing, product management and operations. He has experience in many areas including database systems and language learning software and has traveled the world for business and pleasure. In addition to being the COO of a for-profit company, Dave, along with all of the employees at Dotsub, is very aware of the ability of language to unite the world, and it is his hope that bringing multilingual video to the world will allow all 7+ billion to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the world, no matter their level of education and literacy level.

Personal Statement

I am a relative newcomer to the language industry although a veteran of high technology, and am very experienced in standards committees and industry associations, ranging from communications standards in the late 1980’s to database standards and web-based development tools in the late 2000s. I understand how to bring the wide variety of requirements and points of view from all parts of an industry together.

I am primarily a technologist and understand how the disruptive technologies finding their way into our industry can be used to benefit GALA and its members.
I have worked in industries that have evolved in the face of commoditization and automation to become stronger and more cohesive. I understand how the sharing of information and knowledge can benefit all members of the industry and I will work to bring industry wide initiatives to all members in order to grow the reach and effectiveness of the globalization and localization industry. 
In addition to strengthening the position of GALA’s members, both individual and corporate, I will strive to take advantage of my position within Dotsub and this organization to benefit the world’s economies and populations by promoting the importance of making information available in many languages, whether in the 50% of New York City homes that don’t speak English, in India where 22 languages are spoken and all environments in between.
If elected I will make it my mission to make the world a better place using language as a tool and supporting the GALA community wherever it may be.