E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

Candidate: Alessandra Binazzi

Alessandra Binazzi
Alessandra Binazzi Consulting
Principal Consultant


Candidate Background

Alessandra Binazzi is a multi-lingual professional with a surprisingly varied experience and one common thread: International markets and customers. Proficient in all major European languages, Alessandra has dedicated her professional life to marketing, selling, supporting and educating customers in all continents. University educated in Boston, MA, she was exposed to global technology companies from the beginning of her career, with particular focus on localization and multilingual digital content.

Alessandra Binazzi Consulting combines Alessandra's background in languages, technology and business to develop localization programs tailored to needs of companies in a growth stage. Focus with these clients is on leveraging technology to promote operational excellence and on developing solid language assets to deliver impactful messages to customers in their preferred language. The key to success is creating an ecosystem that fosters collaboration with localization stakeholders within the organization and with language and technology providers. Alessandra received a BS in International Business from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

Personal Statement

I believe the main contribution I can make to GALA is to provide a different perspective. Although I have worked in some large organizations, for most of my career I have worked with small/medium sized companies in a growth or fast growth trajectory. These types of organizations usually have very ambitious goals to be achieved in a relatively short time with access to limited resources. One must get creative! Luckily the localization field offers a very wide range of possibilities to find creative solutions to our challenges, we just have to find the right combination. The strength of GALA is its member community and the various forums where the community can interact, share, discover, collaborate. As a GALA Board member I would work to encourage and facilitate conversations between the different parts that make up our community, in particular between clients and providers.

One of the many GALA programs I'm passionate about is the Client Special Interest Group. I've been involved with this initiative from inception as one of the promoters and moderator. The client SIG is a forum for client side members to share knowledge and discuss topics of interest to the group. Participants represent a broad spectrum of organizations at different levels of localization maturity that face a variety of challenges.
I am also passionate about the Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) initiative. Providing a standard API framework as a base for integration and automation will benefit all players in the localization field.

Finally the biggest value GALA offers is its content. The webinars, articles, blogs, white papers are a great source of information, insight and inspiration. The content is current as it is produced and published weekly and it's of high level. Thanks to GALA content I have gained a lot of localization knowledge and found many strong partners.

The main reason why I'm interested in serving the association as a member of the Board, is that I benefitted greatly from being a GALA member and volunteer and I now want to contribute to its continued success and drive for excellence. I've met many colleagues in localization that are faced with similar challenges, but often operate in isolation or with limited exposure to counterparts in the field. GALA provided me many opportunities to increase exposure to the fascinating and everchanging world of localization and I'd like for many of my colleagues to access the same opportunities. As a member of the Board I would like to increase awareness of GALA in the client side community and make sure the association content and programs address the needs and interests of this community. Expanding GALA's reach to a broader audience of localization clients can increase their knowledge and raise the level of conversation in the whole community.

I encourage my colleagues on the buyer side to join GALA and join the conversation!