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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Intro to Corporate Localization: The Blueprint

By: Alessandra Binazzi, Localization Management Consultant

08 August 2017

Part 1 of 3:  In this introductory mini blog-series we will explore three fundamental factors that you can leverage to build a solid foundation for your corporate localization program. We'll explore the dimensions across three blogs...

Why Linguistic Assets are the Foundation of Success

By: Romina Castroman, Director of Language Services

28 July 2017

As a localization project manager, I know first-hand that linguistic assets are the foundation of a successful translation project. Glossaries, style guides, and  translation memories (TM) are key to helping linguists have a better understanding of...

What’s New with Neural Machine Translation

By: Manuel Herranz, CEO

25 July 2017

I recently attended TAUS Tokyo Summit, where neural machine translation (NMT) was a hot topic. As Macduff Hughes from Google put it “Neural machine translation was a rumor in 2016. The first releases and tests happened six months ago and now it is...

3 Translation Platform Pain Points & How to Solve Them

By: Tyson Shelley, Translation Services Account Director

26 June 2017

Localization Managers are constanty juggling projects and processes. It can become hectic, but translation and localization technology can help alleviate stress. When Localization Managers are exploring a move from their legacy translation platforms...

What do Argentine Translators Tell Us About Their Work?

By: Alejandra Martinez, Content Manager

19 June 2017

Sometimes we make assumptions about the language industry in the region where we work. Surely we understand how the linguists and language companies we interact with locally think and what they value, right?   Well, earlier this year Rosario...

Translators of the Future: What Skills Do You Need?

By: Claudia Mirza, CEO

06 June 2017

As the translation industry evolves, the translators of the future will also have to evolve. This is the technology revolution and a time of transition – just like secretaries transitioned from typewriters to computers. The translation profession...

Which Languages Should I Provide? Top Ten Markets for Mobile Games

By: ,

16 May 2017

This year, we've been thoroughly analyzing the mobile games markets across different countries. The aim of this project is for us to be able to provide the game developers with a recommendation as to which languages they should choose for...

Localization Considerations for Game and Mobile App Glossaries

By: Ksenia Mezhenina, Head of Production

29 November 2016

Many developers and game publishers create glossaries for their projects. This task often causes difficulties because it can sometimes be hard to understand which words can be classified as terms and how to correctly enter them into the glossary...

University-Industry Partnerships: Eight Tiring and Rewarding Ways to Meet the Talent Gap


28 May 2015

How do you locate new translators? By Facebook or Linkedin posts, ProZ, or your company portal? Can you allocate enough time and resources to train interns? Do you want to keep complaining about poor education practices or feel ready to take action...

A Cornerstone of Translation Quality: Getting In-Country Review Right (Part II)

By: Klaus Fleischmann, Managing Director

19 December 2013

Part II: Ten Tips for a Successful In-Country Review Process

In Part I of this mini...