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Blog | Translation and Localization Tips and Trends

Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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The Power of Peer Pods

By: Anu Carnegie-Brown, Managing Director

31 October 2017

About the "If I knew then ..." blog series One of GALA's best resources is its people--specifically its members. Our membership is full of...

Localization beyond Translation

By: Pedro Gomez, Principal, PM Lead

30 October 2017

Traditionally, localization has concerned itself with the translation of user interfaces, online help, manuals, etc. Translation has typically enabled users to gain access to different language versions of the same product worldwide.  In the future...

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Traditional Transcription Services?

By: Tom Robinson, Digital Marketing and Communications Executive

17 October 2017

Almost every industry you could think of is asking itself what the future will look like as artificial intelligence (AI) and its related technologies mature. Transcription services are a prime example, where technology aims to better human ability...

What Makes a Good Working Relationship?

By: ,

10 October 2017

In this blog, Mark Cheetham, COO of a Swiss translation agency called SwissGlobal Language Services AG and Marie-...

6 Reasons to Avoid Using Google Translate

By: Donna Twose, Managing Director

03 October 2017

Google Translate (GT) was launched in April 2006 as a statistical machine translation service, which used United Nations and European Parliament documents to collect linguistic data. During translation, it looked for patterns in these documents to...

Collateral Beauty: Navigating Movie Translation and Subtitling

By: Wafaa Mohiy, General Manager - Egypt Office

19 September 2017

Movie translation and subtitling have always been challenging localization tasks. This is not only because of the intense process and the numerous tools involved in the process, but also because of how tricky it can be for a translator to accurately...

New York City Expands Language Access

By: Jennifer Murphy, Director of Marketing

13 September 2017

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and its residents speak a vibrant mix of languages. In Washington Heights, you may find a family of Tagalog speakers with neighbors whose native language is Serbo-Croatian. Visit Crown...

Philosophy, Feminism, and How To Do Things With Words

By: Britta Aagaard, Chief Business Officer

05 September 2017

Common Sense Advisory partnered with GALA and Women in Localization to conduct research on gender in the localization industry and recently released a report: The Role and Impact of...

Better Customer Experience, More Flexibility...It's All About Options!

By: Tea Dietterich, CEO

30 August 2017

The other day I went to a patisserie in Brisbane in search for chocolate croissants. First a lovely girl apologised profusely that they didn’t have any, but did offer almond croissants instead. No, we didn’t want almond, it had to be a chocolate...

The Only Game in Town

By: Serge Gladkoff, President

23 August 2017

Later this month, the TAPICC initiative will launch four working groups with more than 60 volunteers. There are a few things worth noting about why it’s happening now and why...