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E.g., 04/20/2019

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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Which Languages Should I Provide? Top Ten Markets for Mobile Games

By: Denis Khamin, CMO

16 May 2017

This year, we've been thoroughly analyzing the mobile games markets across different countries. The aim of this project is for us to be able to provide the game developers with a recommendation as to which languages they should choose for...

Where does Web Localization End and SEO Begin?

By: Tom Robinson, Digital Marketing and Communications Executive

09 May 2017

Most online businesses know they need search engine optimization (SEO) to reach a wider audience. Web localization, on the other hand, isn’t always such an obvious requirement for companies that want to maximize their reach. This is strange for two...

5 Myths About Translating Marketing Content

By: Sarah Good, Content Manager

02 May 2017

Marketers around the world are all trying to do one thing: reach more people. Within the localization industry, we understand that only 26% of the world’s internet population...

What Value does Project Management Bring to the Translation and Localization Process?

By: Matthew Grotenstein, Vice President, Client Development

26 April 2017

Whether you have a small project, customized workflow, or an ongoing relationship with a translation company, you may wonder what value project management brings to the translation and localization process.   Although you may think it is an...

10 Tips on Transcreation

By: Mikko Väisänen, Transcreation Manager

18 April 2017

Transcreation is the process of adapting a creative campaign into another market with different linguistic and cultural “rules” whilst still keeping the overall tone and brand approach global. Any creative marketing campaign would have had a lot of...

Intellectual Jam Session at the "GALA of Big Ideas"

By: Miguel Sevener, Account Manager Europe

12 April 2017

It’s the last day of the conference and I’m sitting at a very convenient round table—not too close, not too far—waiting for the annual GALA business meeting to begin. My breakfast selection immediately gives away that I’m not a Northern European (...

A First-timer's Guide to GALA

By: Jonathan Rechtman, Co-founder @ Cadence

07 April 2017

I'm calling this a first-timer's guide, but truth be told this was far from my first rodeo, conference-wise. As a practicing conference interpreter, I have in the past found myself haunting the booths and ballrooms of almost 200 conferences a year,...

Alternative Amsterdam: Hidden Gems, Places off the Beaten Path

By: Dave van den Akker, Chariman

21 March 2017

The Netherlands Association of Translation Companies (VViN) is delighted to welcome GALA 2017 Conference attendees to lovely Amsterdam! Below is compiled a list of local places that might not make it onto the tourist blogs, but are worth checking...

Quality Assurance - 5 Tips to Avoid Human Error

By: Irena Gargula, Project Manager

13 March 2017

Everyone knows that all humans sometimes make mistakes, no matter how hard we try to avoid them, there is always a risk that things could go wrong. Here are 5 tips to help avoid human error during the translation process:

1 – Use CAT...

What to do in Amsterdam: Tips from a Local!

By: Joël Sigling, Director

07 March 2017

What should I do while I’m not in GALA Amsterdam conference sessions? That’s a tough question. Even though Amsterdam has less than a million inhabitants and is much smaller than any major city in the world, it has a lot to offer. And the big...