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Blog | Translation and Localization Tips and Trends

Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Boston Day and Night (Plus Surrounding Areas)

By: Mike Klinger,

06 March 2018

We asked one of our members from the Boston area, Anzu Global, to suggest some things to do, see, and eat while visiting Boston for GALA's annual conference next week. Managing...

Making the Case for #LanguageMatters on Capitol Hill: Language Advocacy Days 2018

By: Laura Brandon, Executive Director

01 March 2018

In mid February, US language industry professionals came together in Washington, D.C. for Language Advocacy Days, a two-day program organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages - National Council for Languages and International Studies (...

Three Lessons From a Start-Up that Took Forever to Start

By: Jiri Stejskal, President & CEO

21 February 2018

In this edition of the "If I knew then ..." blog series, Jiri Stejskal shares the most important lessons he learned from managing the start-up he founded in 1997. When I founded CETRA in 1997 I was managing projects, developing business...

Technical Document Translation: 5 Ways to Improve Quality

By: ,

14 February 2018

You may be under pressure to complete technical document translation projects quickly and cheaply, but as a result, the quality may end up suffering. If you’re entering new global markets or are trying to maintain market share in your existing...

Standing Out From the Crowd

By: Gary Muddyman,

06 February 2018

In the sixth issue of the "If I knew then ..." blog series, Gary Muddyman shares his insights from founding Conversis, the company he manages to this day. The lesson learned: identify early what differentiates your company from others...

How Positioning Increased the Value We Create for our Customers

By: Markus Seebauer, Managing Director

25 January 2018

In the fifth installment of our "If I knew then ..." blog series, Markus Seebauer writes about an important insight he gained while managing a company that specializes in technical translations. The lesson learned: positioning is everything...

2018: New Year Goals from GALA

By: Laura Brandon, Executive Director

09 January 2018

Dear GALA members,
It’s that season again … time to reaffirm commitments to our professional and organizational goals, and time to achieve them! I hope that you are all starting 2018 refreshed and full of energy for the year ahead. At GALA...

Localising Breakfast

By: Richard Renda, International Marketing Manager

19 December 2017

One opinion that is shared worldwide by parents and cliché fans alike, is that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. Getting a morning food fix sets us up for the daily grind and ensures we are fuelled for what the day has to throw at...

2018 Language Industry Trends

By: Sabina Jasinska, Global Marketing and Communications Director, SDL

14 December 2017

After more than 10 years in the industry, including five years heading up marketing and communications at Donnelley Language Solutions, I would like to share my overview of the main trends in the language services and technology industry in 2018. My...

Imagine: A World with No Barriers to Information

By: Diane Wagner, Ambassador

05 December 2017

By: Diane Wagner and Mia Marzotto, Advocacy Officer at Translators without Borders Imagine: being forced to flee your home...