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Blog | Translation and Localization Tips and Trends

Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Trends in Argentina's Translation Industry

By: Alejandra Martinez, Content Manager

30 July 2018

Rosario Traducciones y Servicios S.A. completed the second annual edition of its survey of the latest trends in Argentina’s translation industry. Like last year’s edition (which...

The Essential Guide To Localizing Advertising Campaigns

By: Quoc Nguyen, Web Marketing & Social Media Consultant

19 July 2018

It’s been said that advertising reflects our society, values, and needs. An advertising campaign, therefore, should comprise all that. Ad campaigns are one of the most important elements in marketing, since they’re what promotes...

How to be a Superhero Vendor Manager?

By: Andrzej Nedoma, CEO

05 June 2018

Imagine you receive a new translation request, into your company’s local language. Who would you assign this project to? Write the name of the translator that you would contact first. That’s the task we all received during my vendor...

Translating 21st Century Symbols

By: Jaroslava Ouzká, Global Sales Manager

21 May 2018

Ensuring that a text message carries the right emotional tone by adding an emoji or a GIF (Graphic Interface Format) is a common choice these days. After all, who hasn’t experienced misunderstandings when words fall short, so why not make use of the...

Localizing eLearning

By: Richard Renda, International Marketing Manager

14 May 2018

Over many years our research, production and analysis has shown that online learning is most efficient and effective when delivered to the end user in their native tongue. However, the conversion of content from its source language to the desired...

Multilingual L10n in a Global SaaS Company: Interview with Pierre-Marie Gestas, Localization Manager at Prezi

By: Zana Cizmin, CBDO

01 May 2018

How does the process of multilingual L10n run in a global SaaS company? What are the benefits and challenges of this process? Our Chief Business Development Officer Zana Čizmin recently talked with Pierre-Marie Gestas, ...

Crafting a 21st-Century Human-to-Human Company Culture

By: Roman Zelenka, CEO

06 April 2018

This blog is a follow-up to a presentation on Crafting a 21st-Century Human-to-Human Company Culture by Roman Zelenka and Kyle...

Localizing Slogans: When Language Translation Gets Tricky

By: Gretchen Sampair, Content Marketing Manager

03 April 2018

A slogan. It seems pretty straightforward. Translating a few words, or even a sentence, shouldn’t be all that complicated, right?
And yet we’ve seen countless examples of when localizing slogans has gone awry—from big global brands—...

The Smartest Investment I’ve Ever Made: Brand Storytelling 

By: Luis Miguel, CEO

27 March 2018

In this installment of the "If I knew then..." blog series, Luis Miguel writes about the importance of differentiation. The lesson: how we discovered who we are and how to express it. The hardest questions I’ve had to answer in...

Three Lessons From a Start-Up that Took Forever to Start

By: Jiri Stejskal, President & CEO

21 February 2018

In this edition of the "If I knew then ..." blog series, Jiri Stejskal shares the most important lessons he learned from managing the start-up he founded in 1997. When I founded CETRA in 1997 I was managing projects, developing business...