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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Profile of Argentina's Translators

By: Alejandra Martinez, Content Manager

13 October 2019

Rosario Traducciones presents the third edition of its survey of Argentina’s translation industry. The objective of the survey is two-fold: identify key aspects of the industry and detect other aspects that could facilitate...

Global Career Roadmap: Creativity is the Path to Innovation

By: Stephanie Gabriel, Global Business Consultant

08 October 2019

There is a Chinese proverb that says “when the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” At its heart is the idea that change is natural and inevitable, and being creative with how we manage change can bring about...

Love Your Indigenous Linguist!

By: Manuela Noske, Communications Manager

30 September 2019

30 September is UN International Translation Day which celebrates language professionals worldwide who enable knowledge sharing, make commerce and trade possible, and...

New GALA Blog: Global Career Roadmap

By: Stephanie Gabriel, Global Business Consultant

24 September 2019

Ella Fitzgerald once said "it isn't where you came from; it's where you're going that counts." While true in many cases, when it comes to careers, learning where our mentors and role models come from can give us valuable insights into our own career...

The History of Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

By: Timothy Blackman II, Brand Manager

27 August 2019

Simultaneous interpreting is a popular interpreting modality, used in conferences, workplace training sessions, and legal or government settings. In the case of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter performs a 3-part simultaneous process:...

Can a Translator Be a Great Transcreator? All You Need to Know

By: Sean Hopwood,

20 August 2019

Transcreation is a convenient marketing strategy especially for those who speak multiple languages. It’s an advantageous tool for marketers seeking to penetrate new markets where customers speak different languages.

What is Transcreation?


Is Emoji Becoming a Global Language?

By: Rebecca Twose, Marketing Executive

08 August 2019

The word Emoji comes from the Japanese “e” (picture) and “moji” (character). The world’s first Emoji was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, who took his inspiration from...

The Future of Translation Is Automation

By: Rikkert Engels, CEO & Founder

24 July 2019

Localization is undergoing a massive change. Many technological inventions like Neural Machine Translation (NMT) are discussed at length, but the biggest change is more subtle and has an even bigger impact. Let me explain: One of the favorite...

Which Languages Should I Localize My Game Into?

By: Tatyana Veryasova, Marketing Manager

18 July 2019

Sooner or later, many game developers begin to think about game localization. Often, publishing a game in different countries is simply a matter of placing a few checkmarks before putting it in the store....

The Gaming Industry: A Growing Opportunity for LSPs

By: Sean Hopwood,

09 July 2019

The gaming industry may refer to the computer and video games market, but it usually means the industry of betting and games of chance, both online and offline. It refers to the rapidly growing global market projected to...