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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Register Early for GALA 2009!

By: GALA Team, Information

04 June 2009

We are now just three months away from GALA 2009 and it seems that every day brings something new for this “must do” event. GALA is committed to building bridges and reaching out to our many friends and associates across the industry. For this first...

Craigslist Founder to Headline GALA 2009

By: ,

11 May 2009

He is known as 'the wizard of local' and as one of the few true Internet innovators. And he will speak at GALA's first ever conference this September 14 - 16. Who is he? Craig Newmark, the founder and chairman of Craigslist, one of the top ten...

The Wonderful World of Webinars: Training without Traveling

By: GALA Team, Information

04 May 2009

As translation and localization companies continue looking for ways to save money and cut costs in this uncertain economy, GALA has seen its webinar series become increasingly popular. These online meetings provide an efficient and cost effective...

To Be Linked…What is the Value Proposition?

By: ,

22 April 2009

Social networks are the rage — nothing new there. In fact, two-thirds of online users access ‘member communities,’ which include social networks and blogs, according to research conducted this year by The Nielsen Company. They have even overtaken...

Registration is open for GALA 2009

By: GALA Team, Information

07 April 2009

"GALA 2009: The Language of Business. The Business of Language." is our association’s first step towards creating a new “must do” industry-wide event. GALA is moving to emulate that which works well for the vast majority of successful trade...

QA Check

By: Johannes Purer, Managing Director

27 November 2008

Hi, I'm trying to get some advice or tips by the GALA community on an issue which we have for some time now, but were not able to find a solution so far. But I'm sure that we are not the only TSP facing this issue, so maybe you have a solution for...

Artwork localisation is not a science

By: ,

08 November 2008

Today more than ever clients want to see their brand maintained across all markets and in all languages. The problem is cost. No matter what system that exists there is a simple truth in transcreation terms. People have to do something as no machine...

The Open Source TMS Reality

By: ,

07 November 2008

Gary Prioste, VP of Technology Services at Welocalize, comments on the Common Sense Advisory post "Industry Dreams of Open-Source TMS." Is an open source TMS only a lofty dream? Get his thoughts on how GlobalSight can become a viable alternative to...

Communicating Locally to Voters: Politicians can Learn from the Lessons of Business

By: GALA Team, Information

31 October 2008

GALA’s executive director, Jim Hollan, recently wrote an opinion/editorial piece on the importance of communicating locally in the upcoming U.S. elections. The piece is provided below as a blog entry. Overall the global economy may be in chaos but...

XML and single source publishing

By: ,

09 July 2008

Rapid globalization has had a profound effect on the documentation requirements of many forward-thinking companies. The need to quickly and accurately localize content for distribution to a host of different languages, while at the same time...