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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Microsoft Glossaries: Cancel or Allow?

By: Josep Condal,

09 February 2007

Many years ago, Microsoft decided to make available the software glossaries for all their products in MSDN and as a free download. This was shocking at first, as it was lot of IP and potentially, trade secrets. But the reasoning behind was clear, if...

GALA Members Search Engine

By: Josep Condal,

30 November 2006

I just learnt about a relatively new feature of Google: the ability to define your own search engine. After some tries in our own website, I found it was interesting for limiting searches to some content we planned to add (namely our tools...

W3C Internationalization Tag Set – Last Call Working Draft

By: ,

18 May 2006

The Last Call Working Draft of the Internationalization Tag Set has been published.
Along with it a new document the Best...

Google's Language Tools II

By: Josep Condal,

30 April 2006

Google has released an Arabic to English and English to Arabic machine translation engine. AFAIK, it uses a statistical approach to build the...

Google's Language Tools

By: ,

21 March 2006

Google was recently given the highest rating in a government test (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of machine translation tools....

VMware Server free as in beer

By: Josep Condal,

25 February 2006

Nowadays, VMware has become an essential tool for ApSIC's localization and internationalization testing team, effectively phasing out the former arrangements based on disk images. So now it's good news that the entry product for VWware server-grade...

Will Web 3.0 Be Localized?

By: ,

09 February 2006

By Evan Norman, McElroy Translation Web 2.0 is defined many ways, but one simple definition is “the era when people have come to realize that it's not the software that enables the...

Look it later

By: Josep Condal,

03 December 2005

From time to time I google for new tools, ideas, and news on the localization business. When I work remotely, I normally VPN and use Remote Desktop from several diferent desktops to the office. I tend to avoid carrying a laptop if I can. However, I...

W3C Internationalization Tag Set – First Working Draft

By: ,

22 November 2005

ITS (http://www.w3.org/TR/its/) is a set of elements and attributes that supports the internationalization and localization of schemas and XML documents. This first draft addresses the...

Windows Workflow Foundation in the works

By: Josep Condal,

16 November 2005

I recently learnt about the release of a beta of Windows Workflow Foundation, a .NET library which is currently in the works both for Windows client and server...