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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Economic Picture Brightens for GALA Members Worldwide

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21 March 2011

GALA’s Member Pulse Survey, Q1 2011: The Economic Picture Brightens in the First Quarter The last quarter of 2010 was truly a mixed bag. It was unclear whether growth would stick. In fact, in almost every area there was a flattening of the numbers,...

CFP From the European Commission: European Union Launches SME Initiative on Digital Content and Languages as Part of Seventh Framework Programme (SME-DCL)

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28 February 2011

The European Commission wishes to promote SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) in their international activities. SMEs have ideas that sometimes cannot be implemented because they depend on the availability of data resources or specialized...

Foreign Voice Localization In Entertainment – JBI Studios

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23 February 2011

Foreign language voice over is an essential part of today's global entertainment market. With such a wide array of audiences from every corner of the world consuming different media, creators of television shows, film, internet series, promos, and...

ASTM International Committee F43 on Foreign Language Services and Products will develop standards for best practices

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18 February 2011

The committee seeks to meet the needs of a multilingual world through quality and assessment standards. Read the full press release here: NEWS FROM ASTM INTERNATIONAL FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ...

Call for GALA Volunteers: Localization Forum Committee for 2011 tcworld conference

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04 February 2011

GALA cooperates with tekom each year to organize the Localization Forum at the tcworld Annual Conference and tekom Trade Fair.  The Localization Forum is a conference track which features sessions on the internationalization and localization of...

GALA 2011 Videos: Be part of the inaugural GALA Film Fest!

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31 January 2011

GALA is collecting a variety of video clips to celebrate our members and our industry in video montages to be played during the upcoming GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon, 28-30 March.  Sharing a snapshot or video clip of your company is a great way to...

Member volunteer in Washington DC area needed for ASTM Main Committee

By: GALA Team, Information

17 January 2011

The inaugural meeting of the ASTM Main Committee F43, "Language Services and Products" is scheduled for Thursday, 17 February in Washington, DC, and GALA is seeking a member to represent the association and our language services community on this...

New Affiliate Membership Expands Community of Language and Localization Professionals

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13 January 2011

The international Globalization and Localization Association is pleased to announce a new membership level for buy-side localization teams and professionals. With this new level, we expand the global community of language and localization...

A win-win for you and your clients: Invite prospects and customers to GALA 2011

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28 December 2010

Inviting clients or prospects to attend GALA 2011 is a great opportunity to connect and to receive discounts on admission as well. Combined with early bird registration, which is available through 31 January, you can achieve substantial savings to...

GALA hosts November networking event in Rosario, Argentina

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11 December 2010

The city of Rosario is often referred to as the birthplace of the Argentine localization industry.  No better place then to host a GALA networking event to discuss the issues facing the region in 2011, and with the event held in...