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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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Pricing paradox for the “forgotten Hispanics”

By: Joseph Gomes, Managing Director

02 May 2013

Brazilians, the forgotten Hispanics? Ok, before you Brasukas get all in a huff, according to some, Brazilians are Hispanic. Now, it’s true that if you ask anyone to list all the countries whose native people are considered Hispanic...

Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference

By: ,

25 April 2013

350 agencies and freelance translators, mainly from Ukraine, Russia, and CIS countries, will meet in Kiev at the first...

Machine Translation: A New Era

By: ,

22 April 2013

Machine Translation is a tool positioned to create new competitive advantage. However, most mid-sized localisation service providers are still intimidated by the complexity, cost and lengthy deployment times traditionally associated with production...

memoQfest 2013

By: Sándor Papp, Event Marketing Manager

18 April 2013

When we were organizing the program for memoQfest 2013, GALA contacted us with a suggestion for a panel presentation. The topic for this discussion was, “Price isn't everything: Positioning for growth, not price wars.” It is clearly one of the most...

Think Latin America: 21 countries. 2 languages. 1000 ideas.

By: ,

11 April 2013

After three successful editions, Think Latin America makes it to Europe. Organized by GALA members Ccaps and SpeakLatam,...

Machine Translation Means New Business Models for LSPs

By: Diego Bartolome, Director of Artificial Intelligence

08 April 2013

The Spanish version of this article was post-edited from a machine translation prepared using tauyou <language technology>. ...

Nuevos modelos de negocio para LSPs gracias a la traducción automática

By: Diego Bartolome, Director of Artificial Intelligence

08 April 2013

La versión inglesa fue traducida automáticamente gracias a tauyou <language technology> y después post-editada. ...

GATS -- Easing the Pain of Market Access?

By: ,

04 April 2013

The language business, like any service industry, can face a variety of regulatory barriers in the marketplace.  If a border is involved, then a foreign provider of "translation and interpretation services" confronting obstacles in another country...

La prima necessità dell'uomo è il superfluo: GALA 2013 Miami

By: Robert Etches, CIO

02 April 2013

Lufthansa flight no. LH 843 is about to depart from Frankfurt and I with it – away from the early spring snowstorm enveloping Europe. You know you’re on a large plane when the boarding pass is telling you to go to seat no. 83K and it is not at the...

Everything’s a Commodity

By: ,

07 March 2013

I went out for drinks the other night with my friend Liz and we happened to run into one of my prospective clients at the bar.   Of course, Liz and I didn’t know who the man was when we started talking to him because he’s my contact’s boss, so he...