E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

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Professionals in the localization and translation industry share insights on key processes and opinions about important language trends via GALA's blog. Read a few posts and find ideas to grow your language business and increase your professional development. 

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10 Fun Facts About Cuba, the Pearl of the Antilles

By: Pamela Gaido, Content Manager

28 July 2020

On our trip through #ElEspañolEnElMundo #SpanishAroundTheWorld, we landed on the largest island in the Caribbean. Rosario Traducciones y Servicios SA invites you to join us on a virtual linguistic tour through the...

Managing Your Localization Career: Language & Linguistics

By: Denise Spacinsky, Principal

17 July 2020

“Translation is not a matter of words only:
it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”
- Anthony Burgess Working in language and linguistics can provide rich and interesting professional opportunities. ...

Similarities between Thai and Mandarin

By: Don Shin, CEO

14 July 2020

Today we’re going to dive in and take a look at the linguistic similarities between two languages, both of which originate from Asian countries with considerable proximity to one another. The countries we’re bringing up are Thailand and China (the...

Headwinds and Tailwinds: How to Keep Localization Relevant

By: Stephanie Harris, Marketing Manager

09 July 2020

As we all adjust to the uncertainty of our current times, businesses around the world are trying to figure what is next for their customers and for their own growth. Some companies like Zoom, Netflix, and Disney+ have gotten an extra boost from our...

10 Fun Facts About Mexico, a Diverse and Multicultural Land

By: Pamela Gaido, Content Manager

29 June 2020

For the launch of our new section #SpanishAroundTheWorld, we chose the largest Spanish-speaking country on the planet: Mexico.  At Rosario Traducciones y Servicios SA, we invite you to join us on a virtual tour through the different...

How Translators Can Stay Productive and Healthy When Working From Home

By: Rebecca White, Digital Marketing Executive

23 June 2020

For freelance translators, the concept of remote working is not a new one. Translating documents whilst settled in your self-fashioned home office is a common scenario for many freelancers, yet the current global situation has compelled many...

Managing Your Localization Career: Positions in the Localization Industry

By: Denise Spacinsky, Principal

10 June 2020

“If you don't know where you are going,
you'll end up someplace else.”
― Yogi Berra In May 2019 I had the privilege of delivering a webinar to GALA members around the time an article I wrote for Multilingual Magazine...

The Risk of Being Labelled a Covidiot

By: Rainer Schlötterer, Director

28 May 2020

Lockdown, social distancing, shutdown, death rate, pandemic, patient zero, covidiot and many more. Corona is a worldwide crisis event and the word creations and words that shape this time are almost all negative ones – like the above mentioned...

Global Career Roadmap: The Importance of a Personal Vision

By: Stephanie Gabriel, Global Business Consultant

19 May 2020

Localization is an industry made up of people with diverse experiences, skill sets, and aspirations. Lahcene Guerrouj has a vision that stands out in a way that is above and beyond and that is unique in the industry. His career has evolved from a...

GALA 2020: The State of Affairs

By: Allison Ferch, Executive Director

12 May 2020

Two months ago, when we postponed GALA's annual conference from March to September, we had no idea what a profound impact the novel coronavirus would have around the world. What’s more, the persistent uncertainty created by the pandemic makes...