E.g., 06/05/2016
E.g., 06/05/2016


2016 Translation and Localization Trends

Véronique Özkaya

As 2016 progresses, our team has taken time to consider what the year will hold for the translation and localization industry. While trends we predicted early in 2015, such as CMS integration, machine translation, and mergers...

Edit Distance and Postediting

Silvio Picinini

Edit distance can be described as the amount of change that you have to do to one text to change it into another text. And the great thing about it is that it is a number.

The distance (also known as Levenshtein distance) can be calculated using algorithms. But our focus here will be on...

Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Process and Procedures

Jennifer Horner

When translating print or digital media such as brochures, catalogs, ads, or posters, you’ll typically need desktop publishing (DTP) services as well, because the new language will change the look and layout of your text. When translating into Spanish or Italian, the number of characters will...

Boardroom Essentials for International Business Success

Lauren Broderick

As the business world becomes increasingly connected, boardrooms everywhere have access to a global stage. It’s an exciting time to be part of a business with international ambitions, that’s for sure. Language service providers in particular often need to communicate globally with clients and...

GALA 2016 – Why Was it Different?!

Wafaa Mohiy

The GALA 2016 New York conference was not my first one, yet I had a different experience this year. GALA conferences are known for their open and friendly platform with great networking opportunities. However, above that this year I experienced new and different things, and I thought to share...