E.g., 02/11/2016
E.g., 02/11/2016


Airlines - Localizing Air Travel

Michael Stephenson

The company I work for has localized over 6.5 million words for the web pages of major and regional airlines around the world. Localizing web pages and marketing content for the airline industry is fascinating because of the inherent dynamics, promotions, individual branding, and of course the...

A Quick Guide To Software Localization

Sascha Wagner

Software localization is that unique and specialized form of foreign language translations that combines the resources of linguistics and programmers, working closely together. While it doesn’t quite involve the establishment of a website from scratch, it still presents a set of distinct...

Translation of Marketing Materials for Manufacturers of Life Sciences Equipment and Medical Devices

Michael Stephenson

This article is written from the perspective of a language service provider (LSP). It is intended for manufacturers of life sciences equipment and medical devices who have grown to the point where they export their products outside of their domestic markets. They may have established subsidiary...

Reduce Stress by Using a Simple System

Stacey Brown

Have you ever met someone who was totally on top of everything, completely caught up with their inbox, done with all the projects that they wanted to do? If you know someone like this, can you introduce them to me?  I think the last time I was caught up on email was 1995 (when I was still using...

Agile Software Development & Localization

Annemieke Scott

Agile software development is one of the most challenging environments for localization, and it just happens to be a specialty of ours. These seven tips will give you a foolproof strategy, smooth process, and high-quality software localization for ongoing updates in new language markets...