E.g., 07/01/2016
E.g., 07/01/2016


How Transcreation And Creative Adaptation Help Build Locally Relevant Global Campaigns

Louie Chow

When Coca-Cola unveiled its new global campaign earlier this year, all eyes were on how the internationally iconic brand would go about consolidating all of its products under one worldwide umbrella. Coke’s new tagline – “Taste the Feeling” – aims at providing a global platform from which local...

Learning the Japanese Culture

Claudia Mirza

As the CEO of a multicultural company, I enjoy travelling the world, immersing myself in different cultures and truly understanding what makes them unique.  I recently travelled to Japan for an industry conference, and I want to give you a glimpse of what I learned about this fascinating country...

The Pivotal Role of English in the Localization Industry

Doug McGowan

Translators all over the world are becoming more and more connected, creating more opportunities for direct translation from any language to any language. Does that mean English is on its way out as a pivot language?

Think of English as an airport. Just as airlines use hub airports to...

2016 Translation and Localization Trends

Véronique Özkaya

As 2016 progresses, our team has taken time to consider what the year will hold for the translation and localization industry. While trends we predicted early in 2015, such as CMS integration, machine translation, and mergers...

Edit Distance and Postediting

Silvio Picinini

Edit distance can be described as the amount of change that you have to do to one text to change it into another text. And the great thing about it is that it is a number.

The distance (also known as Levenshtein distance) can be calculated using algorithms. But our focus here will be on...