E.g., 06/07/2020
E.g., 06/07/2020

A win-win for you and your clients: Invite prospects and customers to GALA 2011

By: GALA Team, Information

Inviting clients or prospects to attend GALA 2011 is a great opportunity to connect and to receive discounts on admission as well. Combined with early bird registration, which is available through 31 January, you can achieve substantial savings to the conference.

But there are many more reasons to invite prospects or clients. GALA board member Aki Ito is a strong advocate of inviting clients to the annual GALA conference and has seen excellent results by doing so. Here are his 6.5 reasons for inviting clients to GALA 2011:

1. If you don't, someone else will. You will feel sorry if you see your prospects with someone who invited them.

2. It will give you a good reason to re-connect with your neglected prospects. Salespeople don't like to call a prospect with no reason. Here is a good reason to call.

3. You can make appointments ahead of time and don't need to hope for random encounters with prospects.

4. If your prospects have a good experience at the conference, your reputation goes up. Benefit for your prospects = you brought them good way of collecting information and connecting with people.

5. You can have face-to-face with multiple prospects.

6. As much as you have a risk of losing the prospects to others, you have an opportunity to gain new prospects. After all, no one is stealing your clients because they are only your prospects.

6.5 Hey, I invited a few prospects and one of them became my client immediately after the conference. Another prospect is sending us a trial job soon. All of the prospects whom I invited thanked me for inviting them to the conference. I have much closer relationship with them. PO will follow sooner or later. I also met another prospect who are seriously considering our services. Isn't this what you want from an industry conference?

Customers and prospects who receive an invitation from a GALA member will receive a discount of US$ 275. If three of your clients attend, you also will receive a US$ 275 discount. If five clients of your clients attend, your registration for GALA 2011 is FREE. (Please note that this offer is for traditional end user companies, not for other language service providers.)

Check out the GALA 2011 website for more information!

- See more at: http://live-gala.pantheon.io/blog/win-win-you-and-your-clients-invite-pr...


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