E.g., 03/29/2020
E.g., 03/29/2020

Who Will Be King of Mobile?

Fans of HBO’s "Game of Thrones" series – based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novels about Seven Kingdoms and their noble families struggling for control of the Iron Throne – will instantly recognize a contemporary version being played out in the Mobile landscape. We have our own “Lords” of Hardware, Software, Coverage, Services, Gaming, and others, fighting over how people will interact with each other in the future, and just as in the medieval story, each lord has his particular powerful weapons. The Mobile war may be nearing its end, but the final battle could drag on for some time.

Of the mighty “weapons” that seek to destroy their opponents, two, in particular, threaten mass destruction and are creating the fiercest competition in this epic battle:

The Suppliers: On the Internet it’s the drivers of Social, Locale, and Intention. Many users are looking for services that combine these three aspects in one platform or application. Right now, you won’t find all these elements in the same proportion and at the same level together, but companies are building them rapidly. When Amazon, for instance, released the service AmazonLocal deals, the target was to consolidate their position to face other competitors like Google Offers and Groupon on the e-commerce locale sphere. And here, localization plays the crucial, foundational role; without information that truly extends worldwide, it will be impossible to connect these drivers and reach everyone on a global scale.

The Battlefield: The Mobile battle is being played out in ecosystems. The company that provides a whole universe of applications (data, services, entertainment, tools, and more) will conquer the landscape and lead this war. A complete ecosystem offers options, diversity, and a fully encompassing “world” that connects all the multiple facets of your day into a single point of use: your mobile device. Facebook, for example, acquired Instagram for the staggering sum of $1 billion to wipe out a huge competitor on the Mobile battlefield and improve the mobile photo sharing experience to expand its turf. Microsoft has been steadily promoting on-demand services through its Xbox entertainment ecosystem, extending it right through to Mobile.

And the “Manhattan Project” furiously under way behind the scenes? Integration. True integration will fully encompass the shopping experience: where, how, and – most importantly – WHEN. Integration will help you decide where to go and how to satisfy your every need. Integration will fuse all your personal data with other people and providers so they can accompany you every step of the way. Nokia recently acquired Scalado, the world leader in mobile imaging, and it is integrating cutting-edge services like augmented reality to differentiate its platform and capture even more drivers in its bid to improve the mobile experience as a whole.

People desperately want mobile integration to make their lives easier in this complex world, and they want it available instantly at a touch of a button on their device everywhere they go. The battle will be won by the company that achieves full integration of Mobile and infuses it with deep meaning in our daily lives. Who will be the king of Mobile? Even the experts don’t know yet. But the Iron Throne awaits the victor….

Robson Teles is Project Manager in the Content Management team at Nokia, responsible for consumer support materials worldwide for all products and services.