E.g., 04/02/2020
E.g., 04/02/2020

VIDEO: Thoughts on the New Machine Translation Implementation at the European Union

By: Jeff Allen, User Assistance & Computer Assisted Authoring

Jeff Allen provides his view on the recent announcement of a new MT system soon to be deployed for the translation of European Union textual content. His perspective includes two decades of experience in professional translation services and also machine translation technologies, combined with having worked on a number of Human Language Technology projects funded by the European Commission as well as research on MT in evaluating texts translated for the European Union. In this talk, he indicates a list of factors which highlight the exemplary cases of truly successful MT projects, and then walks us line by line through the press release to determine how the announcement of the new system seems to match or contradict the traits of such successful projects.


Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen has 20+ years of experience in the language and translation industry, especially in computer assisted authoring and translation.  He also has 10 years of experienced as a certified ISO9001 internal auditor and Quality Management Representative.