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Updated: Scams using GALA logo and "Walmart evaluation exercise" or Craigslist jobs

By: GALA Team, Information

This post has been updated (22 June 2011)

GALA has received inquiries from several individuals regarding unsolicited e-mails about a supposed "Walmart / GALA member pulse  survey."  Please be advised that the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has no affiiliation with the individual who is distributing these e-mails.

The messages typically include contact information such as:


Ron O'Neill
Head of Human Resources
GALA® Surveys
(718) 213-4656
Email addressses such as [email protected][email protected][email protected]


Alleged job offerings and communications typically begin with texts such as:



In a  nutshell, your survey position would be basically Involve carrying out a quick 10-minute Survey on the nearest WALMART  Outlet/Store in your location by either making a Simple Purchase or Completing a Transaction at the Walmart Money Center located within the Premises.

Your aim is to simply rate the Outlet's service by simply observing the Customer Service Efficiency and Friendliness.

Please Note: This is an ALL-EXPENSES-PAID survey and if you're selected to survey the Walmart outlet in your region, you'll be provided with Funds Upfront to Cover  your selected Surveys.

A second scam has been reported in which individuals responding to Craigslist ads are offered a job as a research assistant to conduct secret-shopper type evaluations. Another individual has reported being offered a job as a payroll assistant. Typical messages include the following text:
We've got an opening for local Research Assistants in your region as we are presently recruiting for the on-going Gala Global member Pulse 2011 on all Business Enterprises nationwide. This position could easily be managed as Part-Time employment and the hours are very flexible. 

Contact details include:

Ron E Trescott, Ph.D.
Human Resources
(978) 289-9396


GALA has no affiliation with this person and advises recipients of these messages NOT to share any personal information.  The offers are not legitimate. The schemes involve illegitimate/fraudulent checks. Please use caution.

The issue  has been reported as abuse to Network Solutions, where the domain "GALA.net" is registered.

- See more at: http://live-gala.pantheon.io/blog/updated-scams-using-gala-logo-and-walm...


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