E.g., 04/08/2020
E.g., 04/08/2020

Turn Prospects into Clients at GALA 2010

By: GALA Team, Information

One of the biggest complaints about industry conferences that I hear from LSPs is the small number of client participants.  But that dynamic can be corrected easily--and can make a huge difference to the value you get from a conference. 

Here is what I did at GALA 2009 to bring more client participants and to increase the chance of winning their trust.  It worked for me...and, as I explain, I am doing even more for GALA 2010.  I truly enjoyed the  GALA conference in Cancun and am looking forward to Prague.  The locations are great, the content excellent, I see friends in the industry, and I meet new people, too.  But this strategy of bringing in prospects also provides direct benefit back to my company, TOIN, and makes the entire conference even more valuable. 

My simple program is to invite prospects to the conference where they can get beneficial information, and we can build a trusting relationship.  For GALA 2009, I invited four prospects. One of them became our client. All of them told me that it was one of the best industry conferences they had attended. They also told me that GALA did a great job bringing mature vendors, who don't hover around the client people.

Through this experience, I learned that the GALA conference is beneficial for our clients. So for GALA 2010, I have invited 50 clients/prospects, so far. I am getting a few 'thank you' responses. It's good to know that I can bring some good information to my clients and prospects. TOIN is sending invitations to around 100 more prospects.

I hope all GALA members come to GALA 2010 and invite their clients and prospects because I believe it will raise their credibility to their clients and prospects. I certainly benefited from the last conference.

I look forward to seeing you all in Prague!

P.S. For those who are attending GALA 2010, please send me a Linked In message. Let's have pre-conference discussions to warm ourselves up. We can e-meet before actually meeting in Prague. 


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